I hate my life. 

Things just haven’t been going as planned. By this time I should’ve had egg retrieval and embryo transfer. But I have not. 

I got a call from my doctor, not nurse, which is always a bad sign. She said that I’m not responding to the stimulation medication like I should be. So, she wanted me to take the ovidrel on Thursday night and go in for an IUI on Saturday morning. I did. Now it’s a waiting game. 

15 long, drawn out days. I can test early. But that never works for the best. I’m praying that the IUI works. If it doesn’t then doc wants me back on clomid. We’ll try that and see if we get more than 2 follicles. 

There’s too much going on that is wearing me out. Hubby and I are scheduled to fly to L.A. on April 25th to be on The Real, where we’ll meet Lennon and his family. Lennon has my son’s heart. We’ll, now it’s his heart. His family is so looking forward to meeting us. We’d love to meet them as well. But this isn’t really an opportune time. 


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