Signing the papers

Yesterday was my birthday. I have finished my 44th year and am now starting towards my 45th. We went to the fertility clinic so that hubby could sign the consent paperwork to start IVF. I am terrified! I am almost positive that hubby is as well. I am trying my best to stay positive about the process and to have as little stress in my life as possible so that our chances of bringing a bundle into this world will be higher. I know. Good luck with that, right?!? But I’m trying, so that’s the important thing.


2 thoughts on “Signing the papers”

  1. Welcome to Blogland! There are a ton of women here in the club that none of us want to be in, and even some 40-something Aquarians (my 43rd bday was Tuesday!). At this point in time, all I and most in the club will say is: advocate for yourself (don’t take the doctor’s word as gospel as there is no standard protocol), be prepared for a huge emotional rollercoaster beyond what you have already been through, and just as important, go easy on yourself. We’ve got your back here in Blogland!

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